Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween pt 1

For Halloween night we had a little house party for the kids and some of their friends (and parents of course).  We did the same last year and it was lots of fun so this year we put a bit more thought into it and prepared some traditional Irish Halloween games for after a little trick or treating.  

Halloween is a relatively new idea here in Reunion, it seems the idea has come from France which imported it from the US.  It's interesting to see such an Irish tradition creep around the world to this little island on the back of US cultural influence!  So since Halloween is such a novel idea here only a minority of houses stock up on treats so you have to know who to go to.  As we are in a quiet cul de sac the kids visited just three houses (one of which Aurelie sneakily supplied with sweets while the kids were distracted) before coming back to the house to consume some of their goodies and play some games until midnight!

A vampire and Draco Malfoy

Vampire with attitude

The boyz!

Traditional Irish Halloween games

Matthieu giving it a try

Bobbing for apples

One tired vampire!

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