Monday, August 18, 2014

Hammock time!

I'm still in Ireland waiting to remobilise to Guinea for work.  Meanwhile back in Reunion it's the last week of the "winter" holidays and Aurelie and the kids are making the best of it in my hammock.

Sam is just back from his first summer camp away, five days and four nights camping with a load of other kids, when he was collected Aurelie described him as "filthy and exhausted" so I guess it was a big success!

Sam (wearing one of the many rubber band necklaces he made at camp) and Aurelie in the hammock 

Ela torturing her mother (she hates to swing in the hammock)!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I'm back in Ireland at the moment in between work stints in Guinea, unfortunately my break here has been extended by a couple of weeks due to the ebola crisis playing merry hell with our schedule!  On the bright side while here I've been catching up with family and old friends. 

Earlier in the week some of those old friends and I went to Craggaunowen, Co Clare.  Craggaunowen bills itself as"The Living Past" and with a restored 16th century castle, a crannog, a ring fort and other historical items it lives up to its billing!  The day we went along was a bank holiday and as well as its usual attractions there were numerous reinactors displaying historical crafts, weaponry, cooking etc.  It was great to see such enthusiastic and knowledgeable folk sharing stuff that they were obviously passionate about, well worth a visit!

Irish chariot c. 904 CE