Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bye Bye Island Life!

We've been quiet here on the blog over the last months and that is due to fact that we after more than five years on reunion we have moved from our island home to metropolitan France (Toulouse to be exact).

Aurelie headed to France for work without the kids and I leaving us at home to prepare for the move following her to Europe and our new home.  Before we moved though the kids and I made the best of our time and spent lots of time with friends and had a last taste of the island life (for now) - parapente/paragliding, adventures in the trees, picnics and of course fun at the beach and in the sea.

Still our new home called and a few weeks before Christmas we got rid of the last of our stuff, did our final packing and boarded a flight to France, Aurelie and new adventures! 

Sam flying high...

...and Ela!

Our new home in Toulouse

The winter wood pile