Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday season No.3 in the sun!

So we've had our third Christmas on Reunion and are just about to launch into a new year.

All went well for Christmas, there was good food, well received presents for the kids, extra cuddles and super excitement! 

As is the French tradition we had our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve and as is our tradition it was a lot lighter that the Usual Christmas feast. Blinis with fois gras, tamara, and Roqufort cheese plus samosas for starters followed by smoked salmon and pasta (the kids absolute favorite) as our main course topped off by a buche de Noel (Yule log).

Aurelie and the kids have headed off to Lyon for the next month so I'll be celebrating the New Year this evening on my lonesome (though I will be Skyping the clan in Lyon around midnight Reunion Time!)!

So here's wishing our friends, family and the world in general all the very best for 2014!

Starter course (Note that it's bright daytime outside)

Golden Boy!

Between course dancing to Christmas music after our starter course (Note that its pitch black outside already, night falls quickly here)

Dancing with Ela