Monday, March 16, 2015


When we were last in Lyon the kids grandparents took them to a climbing wall.  They both liked it but Ela REALLY liked it.  It turns out that there is a gym with a number of climbing walls within walking distance of our place and an association that runs classes for kids.  Last Friday Ela and I walked down and she had a try out lesson which after a moment of trepidation on seeing how big the walls were turned out to be a big success (very much helped by the lovely instructor who was great with the kids)! 

Almost there.

Made it!
I constantly amazed at the amount and huge variety of organised activities run by associations and the local councils here.  Since the kids were so little when we left Ireland we weren't so involved in that kind of thing there (and growing up books and gaming were my thing to the exclusion of most other activities) so I don't know if it is the same there but it seems that there is wider participation in "niche" activities than in Ireland.  Then again it may just be that different activities are popular here and it's just my perception as an outsider looking in and that a Reunionese person living in Ireland would have the same impression. 

Still while I was watching Ela climb I saw poster for canyoning courses (use of equipment, abseiling, navigating the waters etc.), hmm, I think I may have to make time for that when I get back from my next work trip!