Friday, July 13, 2012

Winter Barbeque!

Well I'm back in Guinee again, working away for the next four weeks (I leave here for home on my birthday, I'll celebrate it in the departure lounge at Conakry airport, sniff sniff). 

Before I left though we had a barbeque at the house with some friends (it's winter at the moment, see Aurelie's poncho and the kids layers of clothes).  Our barbeque isn't fancy, just a ring of stones, wood from the garden and a grill, it does the job though and it was great to catch up with friends before I headed off again.

Barbeques are a thing they do well in Reunion, all the one's we've been to have been simple set up's just grills over stones or half barrels.  With tastey Creole food (pork or chicken usually, there is very little beef or lamb here) and drinks with family and friends, what could be better!  Ours was a small affair but when it's a bit warmer you'll find tent encampments everywhere down by the beach with groups of 20 to 30 or more family and friends all having weekend long barbeques!

Aurelie and the kids

Marie and the kids, my hammock was popular!

Looking beautiful!

Laurance and Jean-Fabien take control of the barbeque

And the result!