Sunday, June 29, 2014

Instore competition

We popped into our local supermarket recently and they were running a couple of random instore promotions.  At the check out along with the usual getting an entry form for a competition for a selection of prizes from the shop you also got the chance to enter a game of dexterity! 

You were given a normal DIY washer and the object of the game was to throw the washer from a marked position onto a glass topped table some distance away.  It was brilliant, like an old fashioned carnival game.  

When you first saw it you thought, "hmm, I could try that, maybe get lucky, how hard can it be".  If you thought about it for a second though you realised how brutally hard it was!  If you tried to throw the washer in a high arc it just bounced off the table, if you threw flat then it just slid off the glass.  If you threw it flattish with JUST the right amount of force then I figure somebody might be able to do it, we didn't see anyone get close to winning the prize (an electric oven), A and I both tried but didn't come anywhere near to close!  

Random punter giving it a go!

Fair play to the management though, a great idea with minimal investment to get peoples attention, not something I'd ever seen before.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sugar cane season

Sugar cane is the biggest crop here on Reunion and we are just coming to the time of year when the sugar cane will be cut.   (Some info on Reunion's sugar cane crop is found here).  In the next few weeks and for the next few months the local roads will begin to get clogged with tractors towing overflowing trailers full of harvested sugar cane.  At this time of year whenever I get stuck behind a tractor I find it oddly relaxing, taking it as just another reminder of the slower pace of island life!

Out walking recently I took a few nice photos of the sugar cane being watered, as well as getting refreshing showers at the same time!  In a few weeks the tall fields of cane will be gone leaving behind bare brown earth waiting for the next crop to begin.