Thursday, September 29, 2016

Drilling in Armenia

I love to travel and one of the big benefits of being a professional geologist is that in my line of work I have to go where the geology is to do my work.  Last week I got back from a month working in the south of Armenia, near the mountain spa town of Jermuk for a proposed gold mine near there. A beautiful country with wonderful friendly people!

In one of those crazy co-incidents that happen from time to time I was listening to an Irish history podcast while I was in the country and while discussing the vikings in Ireland it detailed the story of the Dunmore cave massacre mentioning that one of the coins found in the cave (dating from about 970CE) was from Armenia, even back then the world was a smaller place than we sometimes think!


The drilling team!

I guessing a Soviet era drilling rig!

Lunch at the rig, no need not to be civilised!

Being savaged by one of the mine dogs!

Mt Ararat in the distance from Yerevan airport!