Saturday, December 26, 2015

Beasties from Guinea!

While in our remote camp in Guinea it wasn't all work, work work so I took the chance to use my Moto G to take some pictures of the local beasties at the camp and out onsite.  I was amazed at both the wonderful variety of beasties and at how far phone camera technology has come on in recent years!  While we did hear bigger animals and birds off in the bush I didn't get close enough to photograph any of them so it's mostly bugs below. 

Dragon Fly
And again.
Butterfly in the ladies loo
Another bug in the ladies loo but no idea what it was!
I wasn't the only one taking pictures of bugs in the ladies loo!
Another type of Mantis?
Friendly spider
This frog was a lot smaller than it looks in this photo!
Not the best photo but I found this not so little fellow crawling over my head on the inside of my mosquito met one night about midnight!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

One of the flights I take most often is from Paris to Conakry in Guinea for work. The last time I flew that route back in November I managed to get some of the best photos I had ever taken from an aeroplane with my trusty Moto G.  I am continually shocked at how much cameras on phones have improved in recent years, soon to follow will be a post on photos of little beasties that I took while in Guinea.

Flying into Africa over the coast of Morocco!

The Atlas Mountains (I think!) and snow.

The Sahara!