Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween pt 2 - Trick or Treating Island Style

As I mentioned in my previous post Halloween is pretty new here so not everyone knows about it or cares about it.  A good friend of ours (Isabelle) organised trick or treating near us for the day after Halloween. She contacted everyone on the road and found out who was interested and who was not and let them know when it was going to happen.  

It's different to Ireland, at least in this case all of the local kids gathered into a hyperexcited mob and all headed off in a group chanting "On veut des bonbons (we want sweets)!" it's like a group of little thugs trick or treating with menaces if you ask me!

Still everyone had a good time and there was plenty of loot to go around!

Cutie vampire, witch and devil

Collecting loot

Jelly spider!

The trick or treat crew!

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