Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun in the trees

Last weekend we headed off to Makes (a village in the "hauts") with some friends to spend a morning at Makes Adventure Land.  We had to be there at 9.30 am so that meant leaving at 8am, so much for a weekend lie in!

The adventure land involved traversing obstacles up in the trees (all the time attached to a safety line of course!) including zip lines, moving platform etc.  There were two green courses for kids over five years old but less than 1.4 meters tall (this necessitated teaching Ela to lie about her age as she won't be five for a few months yet, we are bad parents!), a red course (easy enough but for those over 1.4 meters tall) and a blue course (the challenging course).  We discovered later that there was also a black course which seems to be only for guided groups!

We started out on the green courses with the kids, there was much excitement and at times a bit of fear!  Soon though they got the hang of it though and gained confidence pretty quick.  Sam soon headed off ahead by himself and watching Ela realise that there was nothing to fear after I encouraged her to step off a platform and let the safety harness hold her was cool, after that there was no stopping her!

I stayed with the kids to do another run through of the two green courses (and another after!) while Aurelie headed off to do the red course.  All in all a great morning out even with bumps, scrapes and occasional rope burn!  It's one that we'll be repeating, by popular demand (plus Aurelie and I have decided we'll be heading back sans kids to explore the red and blue courses).

Getting kitted up

The Bradley-Trombetta clan

Happy Sam

Monkey girl!

Aurelie on the zip line

Sam on a wobbly platform...

...and jumping to the next!

Ela making her way over the posts...

...and on more wobbly steps

More zip lining!

Aurelie making the platform, just about.

Heading home!

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