Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walking in the Hauts

So we're back home from our trip to the "hauts" and below are a couple of pictures from today.  Aurélie forbade me to post a close up of her from our hiking so here is a distant shot of her coming up the end of a looong climb (for us just getting into the Réunion hiking habit at least).  To get an idea of some of the ups and downs involved in hiking in Réunion consider this, one of the popular hikes in Réunion is a four day hike called the Haut Mafate, it covers 20.4 km in 4 days, 5.1 km a day horizontally, it also includes over 4.5 km of vertical up and down over the 4 days! 

Aurélie powering up the trail

I just wanted to put up the panoramic  picture below as in it you can see the caldera wall all around the caldera (I took it with my back to the wall).  Poor Aurélie has had to put up with occasional mini geology lessons, I do try to keep it to a minimum though.

See the Caldera wall all around this panorama 

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