Friday, January 6, 2012

Bounty from the garden

One of the reasons we decided on the house we are in was the amount of fruit trees in the garden.  Besides the coconut trees we have two really productive lichee trees in the garden (and one not so productive) so we have been harvesting some every day for the last three or four weeks.  I never realised how tasty lichee's are :), plus we have a few weeks more harvesting to go!

Bounty from the Garden
We've also got picked bananas ripening on the terrace but our papaya's aren't doing so good (there is a blight endemic on the island) and I need to water the avocados (rainy season my backside).  We were also talking today about putting in a bed to plant carrots.  

And we bought an old fashioned hand powered lawn mower today too.  This outdoorsy stuff isn't so bad after all! 

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