Friday, January 27, 2012


Well here I am safely ensconced in Canga East camp at Simandou at the south eastern end of Guneia!  It looks like I'll be here on and off for the next six months so it's going to be a second home for a while.

It's a Rio Tinto camp and pretty impressive considering where it is.  There are a couple of gyms, broadband, even a bar! Though with 6am starts every morning and 12 hour work days it's fairly tireing.  Still really enjoying my time here in Africa so far, the people are great, the surroundings spectacular and the work interesting, even at this early stage.

I've not taken many photos so far there will be lots more to follow.

View of the capital Conakry from the air, the haze is caused by dust from the sahara

One of the villages on the way to the site

View accross the camp to Pic du Fon, one of the mountains that is going to be mined!

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