Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beaches - and lessons

We're coming to the end of our sixth day here, the kids are in bed and we are settling in for the night.

It's been a fab few days. After spending Tuesday and yesterday moring sorting “stuff” we went to the beach for a few hours yesterday afternoon, played in the sun and in the sea. All the areas where you can swim here are enclosed by boulders to calm the water and keep the sharks out!

Today we started to explore the eastern part of the island a bit and got to see some of the old lava flows comming from the volcano, spectacular! On the way back we dropped into a little black sand beach and to a great little swimming area just a bit further along the coast.

One thing that I'm starting to get my head around is the scale of the island, at about 45 x 60 km it's smaller than Co. Limerick (but there is a lot more topography!). Which means that once you have a car getting to the different places along the coast is easy (once you avoid rush hour), of course once you head inland and upwards it's a different story.

Lessons learned so far:
Don't expect footwear that costs less than €2 to last very long.
Avoid rush hour on an island that essentially has one road running around it.
Naked childern will make a run for it
Reunion has large fast running and jumping spiders but there isn't agreement about if they bite or not.
When a sign adds "Dangerous currents, deadly sharks, DANGER OF DEATH" to "Swimming forbidden" it probably best not to go for a dip. 

Still haven't found the camera cable.

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