Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beach Rugby

Watched Ireland v Australia yesterday on French TV. I loved the fact that the French commentators were going wild in support of Ireland!  Even though I couldn't understand much of what they were saying I got that much.

Anyway it turned out that completely unrelated to the rugby the guys running the hostel where we are staying were having a barbeque here with some of their family so we were invited to join in. Sam and Ela had of course already joined the fun and were playing with the other kids.  

Speaking the international language of "ball"

So we had a lovely barbeque, along with some punch made from the ubiquitous Réunion rum, got to know our hosts (who have been great) even better and generally enjoyed the afternoon.

Once the barbeque was pretty much over a trip to the beach was suggested for swimming and  beach rugby so everyone loaded into the carts for the 5 minute drive to the beach (Aurelie who hadn't been imbibing was our designated driver - I love my wife).

 Beach Rugby!

After a close game the Hiberno/Réunionase team lost to the all Réunionase team 15-10.  It was followed by a dip in the sea to wash off the sand and relax.  And then after sunset it was time for home with some very sleepy kids.  All in all not so shabby a day in Réunion.

Getting close to home time. 

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