Monday, September 12, 2011


So here we are on Réunion!

After a long time talking about just packing up and heading off we finally made the decision to do so at the end of last summer, giving ourselves a deadline of this summer to get gone. We finally picked a spot at the start of this summer and the plans started to get made in purpose.

So after selling or giving away most of our accumulated stuff and storing a few sentemintal bits and pieces we packed up what was left and took an Aer Lingus flight to Lyon where we spent a wonderful week with Aurelie's family. And then this friday evening we boarded an overnight flight with Air Austral to Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

After a night of little sleep we got in to Saint Dennis early on Saturday, picked up our hire car and drove to Petite Ile on the other side of the Island in the “Wild South” of Réunion. We spent our first day and night in a little bunglow with a terrace and outdoor table and barbeque area up in the hills which was dubbed the jungle house by Sam and Ela. And today we moved to a little studio in a hostel by the coast (the move was due to a mix up in the booking, as it happened we had the chance to stay in either and chose where we are now, which wasn't our original choice).

So one night down in Réunion and we are in the middle of our second, the kids are asleep, A is reading and I'm typing this, not too bad.

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