Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween at our house

Halloween was one of the big four holidays growing up, along with Christmas, Easter and Paddy's day, it always felt a bit naughtier than the other three with bonfires and being out after dark trick or treating!
Here in Reunion they are just starting to celebrate Halloween with costumes and themed sweets starting to appear in the shops (its only in recent years that I've really realised that Halloween isn't an international holiday. By all accounts it started in Ireland (and possibly Scotland) and migrated from there to the US. Now, bit by bit, its spreading from the US across the world).  They still don't really have trick or treating (though I saw a few last night, a first for around here apparently), but in our house, wherever we are, Halloween is big, Aurelie being a particular fan.  So over the last couple of weeks costumes were put together and decorations bought and constructed in preperations for a little Halloween party in our house. 
Ela Witch

Darth Vader and the Witch
A few of Sam n' Ela's friends and parents came over after dark and there was trick or treating around a couple of the houses here followed by suger fueled mayham in the garden.  It was a really good night and we got to chat, eat pizza and drink a little wine with the other parents (my, do I have to practice my French) to the sound of excited shrieks from the garden.  As a bonus we managed to finish up at just the right time, all the kids were exhausted but before there were any tears!

Here's to many more Halloweens!


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