Friday, October 26, 2012

It's a cat's life!

I've mentioned our newest family member, Toffee, here before.  It turns out that when I'm not here he likes to sleep on my pillow next to Aurelie.  Right here I'd like to point out that when we agreed to get a cat it was on the condition that it would not be allowed in the bedroom, I should have figured I'd lose that battle.  
The cat moved in while I was off in Guinea working and I came back to a pillow covered in cat hairs.  Each time I come home from abroad for the first night or two he tries to sleep on my head.  It's at times like that at 2am that I ask myself how did this happen, I distinctly remember saying no cat in the bedroom?
I took the photos below of Toffee over one day a while ago. As far as I can tell the cat seems to be a sleeping machine.
Sleeping on our bed

Still on the bed, my side of the bed.

He's Aurelies cat, still on MY side of the bed.
Yet still on my side of the bed!
Later, a change of scenery, sleeping on the couch.

As I write this Toffee is asleep on the couch...

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