Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sam's first dive!

A little while ago during one of the mid term breaks from school it was time for Sam's first try dive or bapteme!  As I had recently started diving with Neptune diving association we arranged for Sam to have his dive during the week along with a few other first timers.

So early one Wednesday morning Sam and I headed to the West of the island to Cap L'Houssaye to meet up with David from Neptune who was the instructor who was going to take Sam on his dive (I was just going along to watch and take photos)

Cap L'Houssaye
As it was a shore dive we got our equipment together and headed down through the woods to the sea shore where David took each of the try divers down for their dive (in each case accompanied by another diver (parent or friend) who went along for the ride and taking photos etc. while the others waited on the shore.

Wetsuit on (not sure that it had much effect as it was hanging off him!)

First breaths underwater!

Sam and I

On the surface


Identifying the fish that he had seen after the dive!
Living where we do Sam is well used to snorkelling but breathing underwater was a whole new (exciting) experience!  All went well and Sam enjoyed the dive and seeing the life beneath the waves so now we just have to wait a year before Sam can get certified as a junior diver so we can go off diving together.  

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