Sunday, September 6, 2015

Scenes from Simandou

One of the reasons the blog hasn't been updated in quite some time is that I've been back at work iat Simandou in Guinea since early May with a just a couple of weeks break back home on Reunion since then.

Lush views back in May!
When I got here it wasn't quite the rainy season and while we did get the "mango rains" it was generally warm and sunny with occasional storms.  Since I got back from my break home a few weeks ago though it's been the proper rainy season with heavy rain, fog, lower temperatures and more rain!  As we are running a helicopter based drilling and excavating geotechnical investigation this has lead to some delays!

Market Day in Moribodou
Still our team and the local people here are great (mostly) and the work interesting so no complaints!

Preparing for the flag ceremony, each morning everyone at camp gathers to pay their respects as the flag is raised. 
Waiting for the helicopter.

And up, up and away!

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