Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cleaning up Le Gouffre!

Recently the Reunionese branch of the Surfrider organisation have been organising clean ups of various sites around the island and as a good green family we headed off to take part in one at "Le Gouffre" (the chasm) near Etang Salé.  Le Gouffre is a spectacular area of basalt lava flows by the sea.
Rubbish hunting!

The surfrider crew had set up tent and were already organising the about fifty people who had turned up when we arrived (we were running late having dallied at the beach just up the road in Etang Salé!).   We soon got up to speed though and after a safety briefing about what kind of rubbish not to pick up (the likes of condoms and needles, if you found them call the surfrider team to deal with them) we were issued with gloves and a plastic bag and headed off.

Le Gouffre!
Though the area didn't look overwhelmed by rubbish over the next hour or so we filled our bag with plastic bottles, cans, various plastic odds and ends (wrapping, plates etc.), foil etc.  In a disheartening way it was just more evidence of how much of our waste there is out there :(, and how much effort it will take to overcome the problem!

The setting sun at the end of the day.

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