Friday, January 9, 2015

Playing in the Alps

We are over in Europe at the moment seeing family and friends in France and Ireland. One of the big things tha Sam and Ela have been looking forward to while here is snow.  In fact as far as they are concerned Ireland and France are snowy winter wonderlands (the two winters before we left for Réunion in 2010 and 2011 were amongst the snowiest in my lifetime) so as there has been no snow in Lyon we decided to head a bit up the road into the Alps for a day!

Sam, Ela, Papi and I bundled into the car and headed up past Grenoble for the day. There had been a big snowfall the week before and while much of it had melted by the time we got there there was still plenty to find when we got a bit higher up to the first ski stations.

So although the snow was not the right kind for snowmen (too icy) lots of fun was had, daddy got rugby tackled into the snow by both his loving children and a major item got marked off the holiday to do list!

Sam exploring a pristine snow field

Sam and Ela running in the snow

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