Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rugby days

So the Rugby season has begun anew in Reunion and this season we have two players!  Sam with the under eights and Ela with the under sixes.

The teams are mixed up until the under twelves with at least a few girls at each age group.  Ela's group of five consists of two boys three girls (all the little sisters of older players).

I was never one for team sports growing up, though I did play school rugby to under twelves before my eyesight (or lack of it) got me out of it, but it's great to see how much the kids enjoy it and the family atmosphere at our local club, Saint Pierre.  Of course the fact that here its not generally played in the driving freezing rain helps!

Ela on the run!

Sam in the yellow top with the ball

Ela learning to tackle


  1. Hi Stephen - I'm an American journalist traveling to Reunion in January and had a question to run by you. Do you have contact information?

    1. Hi Emma, you can reach me at sbradleyie