Monday, January 13, 2014


As I've had a fair bit of free time between work projects I decided that rather than just enjoying the island life I should also put some of that time to good use, so today I start my first course with FutureLearn.  FutureLearn is a private initiative owned by the Open University whose stated aim is "is to connect learners from all over the world with high quality educators, and with each other".  It is just starting out and provides almost forty free little mini courses  (you can pay for a physical certificate of completion at the end if you wish) in a good number of areas ranging from Shakespeare to human anatomy to business.

So far I have signed up for four five (just added another while checking to see how many courses they offer) courses between now and April with each course taking between two to four hours and week and lasting for between two and eight weeks.  The first is an eight week course called Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions, by the University of Exeter.

The other three four courses are:
Fairness and Nature: When Worlds Collide, by the University of Leeds
Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals, by the University of Bath
Exploring Our Oceans, by the University of Southampton
Moons, by the Open University

As mentioned the first course starts today so I will keep the blog updated on how they are going.


  1. Sounds really interesting. I'm just trying to work out if I can find the time... It's surprising how busy we are in retirement.