Monday, July 29, 2013

Dance Baby Dance!

Both Sam and Ela have recently taken up Indian dancing, twice a week they have two hour lessons at the local hall about 5 minutes walk from here.  They are enjoying it, especially when they get to put on a show (or spectacle as they are called here)!

Recently some of the local Associations (more on associations in an upcoming post) set up a big lunch with entertainment in for the less well off.  As part of the entertainment the dance Association that Sam and Ela are in gave a display.

Dancing ladies

Ela isn't actually supposed to be in this particular dance but decided to join in anyway!

Sam, looking good!

The older kids arrived to rehearse at 7.30am, we fortunately didn't have to be there until 11.30am as the younger kids dance routines are a lot more limited than the older kids (all girls, Sam is the only boy).  There was lots of excitement getting ready with costumes and make up, though Sam refused all offers of make up, and ice cream and anticipation. 
As is usual here no one was quite sure when things were going to happen but they kids kept themselves busy getting ready and running about the place and they eventually started a bit after 3pm (one of the main things we have come to accept about life here (mostly) is the idea of island time, things generally don't happen quickly and that's not necessarily a bad thing).  The dancing was great, though Sam was a bit upset that he missed a cue and didn't get to do all of his dancing, otherwise a successful day all round.

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