Monday, June 17, 2013

Mess is fun!


by Aurelie

I was surprised how quickly my kids had developed their own personality and taste. Even with my very anti-stereotype education, Samuel has mostly "boy" interests (except for bracelets currently), and to my despair Ela has very girly interests...
I hadn't thought much about it until Ela went to play to a friend house and discovered make up. She has probably seen me about 4 times in total wearing makeup, and not even that much of it. Suddenly I got worried that we would be missing the whole mother/daughter bonding with all the make up, hair thing, jewellery and fashion normally involved. I don't wear make-up, I can't do any hairstyle, not really into fancy jewellery, and well fashion.... Not only this, but I cook and I shop only when I have to, and especially NOT with the kids.
Now my girl may like pink and princesses, but she also like mud. So when most kids would be horrified at the idea of putting something like cow poo on their head, that smells weird, to leave it there for a while and that the whole process may change the hair colour, Ela said YES. I even mentioned that it would required extra hair washing, but no she was determined to do henna with me. Since I read it help preventing head lices (a lovely issue that we've been having this year) I was all in favour of it.
So we did, and it was great. I could never have enough of her laugh. A wonderful bonding time that we can't wait to do again, except next time, she really wants to get red hair... poil de carotte.


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