Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Saint Patrick's day

I'm in Ireland at the moment while Aurelie and the kids are back on Reunion.  While I'm here I've been going through some of our recent photos that we (actually Aurelie, they're from her camera) took before I left.  So now I hoping to post a few items over the next couple of days that should have been posted ages ago!

For Saint Patrick's (never Pattie's day!) a friend of Aurelie's was kind enough to send us a Saint Patrick's day package containing badges, hair ties, clips etc. (thanks Orna).  So for the big day we dug out any green clothes we had and the kids finally got to wear all the goodies!

Flying the colours!

There were some rumblings of possible Saint Patrick's day events in the North of the island but nothing down South so we had a pretty uneventful day - no parades here!

Sam - a serious smile!

Ela - the cheery bunny!

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