Monday, February 18, 2013

A break from the sea!

On Sunday a couple of weeks ago after tropical cyclone Felleng passed us by it was hot hot hot, so we decided to head to a nearby river at  Langevin to see how high the water was after the storm as to see if it was safe to swim (usually it takes a while before its safe for swimming in the sea or the rivers after a storm passes by).

Sundays here are really big family days for picnics at the beaches, in the heights and by the rivers (everywhere really!) so there were plenty of people about.  However in the past we were lucky enough to have been shown a large rock pool higher up the river that is usually quieter and we headed there.  Sure enough while there were some people about it was a lot quieter and while the river was high it looked ok for swimming so in we went.  And my was it worth the trip, I love swimming in rivers, its very different swimming in a river than in the sea, for one thing its a lot cooler.  For another the fresh water isn't as harsh (or buoyant) as the salt water and waterfalls even the small ones are lots of fun and surprisingly powerful!

So note to self, more trips to Langevin!  It may take 30 - 40 minutes to get there instead of the 10 - 15 it takes to get to the beach but when its hot hot hot its worth it.

Langevin river

Sam, Ela and I, exploring the shallows.

Enjoying the waterfall.

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