Friday, August 10, 2012

Army Ants and back online

In the photos below you can see where army ants have made their own path across one of our paths through the forest.  If you look closely at the you can see where the ants have made little earth walls along the sides of their path.  what you can't see are the scouts that flank the path.
I didn't get to take more photos as I was too busy swatting at the ants that had swarmed over my shoes and up my legs and were biting EVERYWHERE!

I for one would like to welcome our future ant overlords.

On a completly different note you may have noticed that there hasn't been any updates on the blog over the last few weeks.  That was due to truely lously net access at camp that prevented me from uploading anything.  Right now I'm in transit home from site so expect more updates about life on site and on Reunion once I get home.

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