Friday, June 22, 2012

Sam's To Do List!

I'm back home now for a couple of weeks. I got in on Monday morning and Aurelie and Ela headed off to France on Tuesday morning for nine days, leaving Sam and myself  to have a boys week together! 

'Cos Sam knew he wasn't going to get to go to France to see his mami and papi this time he got to make a list of things that he wanted to do with me for the week that we would be by ourselves.  So when I got back he eagerly showed me the list magneted to the fridge.

  • Watch movie Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi)
  • - Over the last couple of months Sam has seen all of the other Star Wars movies (see Aurelie's post on this!) but has been waiting for me to get back before watching the last one.  We are planning to watch it tomorrow, there will be popcorn, exciting times! 

  • Eat bouchon sandwich
  • - bouchon are sort of like dumplings, and they are tasty!  One of the most popular snacks here are bouchon in a baguette with melted cheese on top, double tasty!  For some reason his mother doesn't make them for him (so far this week I've made them at home once and we had them at a snack once (a snack is the name of little places that sell snacks here).

  • Go to Etang Sale
  • - Etang Sale is a black sand beach which Sam likes to go to but the waves tend to be a bit much for Ela so Aurelie doesn't take them there by herself.  we have been once already this week and had a great time.  If the weather is good in the morning we'll be off there again!

  • Play Rugby
  • - Well, Sam calls it rugby, mainly I call it cheating!  Lots of running and tackling in the garden.  At least Sam knows enough about rugby to cheer for Ireland rather than les bleus!

  • Look at space ship Lego on PC
  • - The Lego website has a lot to answer for!  And not just any Lego, Star Wars Lego.  Sam is building up quite a collection (and he doesn't know what is stored on top of the wardrobe, is a dangerous, dangerous place with lots of Star Wars Lego!).  Really how evil are the people who came up with the idea?  Lego and Star Wars, it's like crack for geeks!

  • Do water fight
  • - Self explanatory really, we have supersoakers and water balloons, there will be war.

  • Play Ben 10 cards
  • - Apparently if he can find them we'll be playing the Ben 10 card game.  Not sure what this entails but I'm pretty sure that Sam doesn't intend to lose.

  • Have a BBQ
  • - Planned for tomorrow evening.  We've made a circle of stones where we and rest a grill and have lots wood from the garden.  Sausages and husks of sweet corn have been bought so there will be burnt food for dinner tomorrow!

    So that's what our five year old wants to do with his Dad.  On writing and thinking about this a few of things struck me, prominant among them were;

    Firstly, how profoundly lucky I am to have such a happy healthy little boy who wants to do all these things with me and how lucky I am to be able to do all these things with him.

    And secondly, how lucky he is to lead the life we lead.  Spending time in Guinea and things that have happened there has reminded me how little so many people have, how privilaged we are and how precarious our lives really are. 


  1. Give him a few more years and he'll be after whopping you at Axıs and Allıes.