Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tales from the home front. - Happy Easter / Joyeuses Pâques

I know it's been a while since the last article and you probably been wondering (or maybe not) what's been happening here. Well not much...
But now it time for one of the most important celebration of the year (according to the kids): Easter. I actually think it is Samuel's favourite, even before Christmas...

Anyway as you know, Easter is all about chocolate, eggs and hunt. Since we started the "tradition" in Ireland, it also involves bunnies. This year, because of the move and Stephen being away I had to face a lot of new questions and problems that did not occur last year, and all by myself!

First of all the questions from a rather curious 5 years old: Do the bunnies do here like in Ireland? Are the bunnies watching to see if we are good? How? Do they hide? Are they watching us NOW? Is there one or more rabbits? Do they have a big basket? How do they carry the basket? Are they watching me now? Are they going to hide them inside or outside? Do we have to leave the door open? Is the hen coming too? (In France we have either hens or more traditionally the bells from Rome, but that would be a very long way down here).
Then the logistic: in Ireland you buy your chocolate in advance, hide it out of reach until the D day. Here it's 30 degres so it has to kept in the fridge. I had to wait for the last moment and then hide some on the top shelf wrapped in kitchen tissue and some more in the veg box of the fridge dreading that they would find out. Glad they never go for the veggies!

Finally the delivery: the 2 major issues of hiding chocolate in a tropical place are heat and beasties. At night the temperature drops to the low 20s so I hope the chocolate will not melt to much between now and tomorrow morning, But I have to make sure they do find all the eggs early enough. The other reason I was reluctant to leave chocolate eggs all over the place is for the beasties. It's mostly ants, but could attract worse. So I've been a little more inventive and in the house I put none on the ground, but I'm a bit worried to find trail of ants leading to them by tomorrow morning. For outside I wrapped them individually in cling film (on top of the alu wrapper) hopping this would be enough. I started to write down the number of eggs for each room but I got distracted and now I'm not even sure how many eggs were in total (27 or 28).

It's now 2 AM so I should go to bed to be fully operational tomorrow morning for the big hunt and dealing with over excited children high on sugar... but I really like this moment when I have set up everything and just waiting for them to enjoy.

Have a happy chocolate day!

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