Saturday, December 31, 2011

First photo of 2012

Lazer eyed spider of DOOM! It's a babouk (huntsman spider) we used to see a lot of these when we were staying in the hostel but we see them rarely here in the house.  That's the big bamboo leg of the couch next to it for scale.

My intention is to post a picture every day in 2012 ('cos no one has ever done something like that before, right?) - we'll see how long my resolution lasts!  I'd like to try to get across the little differences that make living here so different (it's not just the climate), plus it looks like I'll be working in Guinea in West Africa for a part of 2012 and that should be interesting to share!


  1. That is an impressive beast. Do they bite?

  2. Not so far, but they are impressive the first time you see one. And they are FAST!