Saturday, October 15, 2011

Créole Rap

Laurence, one of the guys working here, is in a band and he us invited to a gig on Wednesday night. The gig was up in La Port, about an hour from here so we sorted a babysitter for the kids for the first time
here (the sister of Fabien, the guy who runs Residence Créolile). There were four bands playing on the
night and one of them would be selected to play in a festival In Metropolitan France. Apparently lots of the big names  in Réunion's music scene were there (though it must be said that Réunion's music scene seems  small!).

The night was good craic. We were introduced to a load of the people there (I didn't understand a whole lot as a lot of it was in créole rather than French) but everyone seemed really nice. According to Aurelie I seemed to be a bit of a novelty being all the way from exotic Ireland.

Alex (the name of Laurence's band and of it's lead singer) were on second so while the first band was
playing the band, Aurelie and I nipped out to a local bar for some shots of rum, necessary to warm up
the vocal chords according to Alex! Then we headed back to the gig to catch the end of the first band
while the guys got ready.

The band played créole rap, which honestly was good (this from a person who normally doesn't like rap). I think not understanding the lyrics helped as I just listened to the music and obvious passion without having to
worry about what was being said! For the record Aurelie had no idea what most of it was about either.

We found out yesterday that Alex were chosen to go to the festival in France so Laurence was a happy camper!

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